BOOM – 27 Sleeps


It’s hard not to miss Dibley today but we are blessed to have Scooby. He got his 10000 steps in early and we were back home in time for the start of the Macy’s Parade. The balloons including the new Snoopy flew albeit a little lower than usual

It’s a great part of thanksgiving especially if your nose can smell turkey roasting as you watch it!

There are so many big stars on the show and it’s funny to spot who does the best and worse lip syncing. When they’re really bad you can almost hear the director yelling « pan out «


The Radio City Rockettes always do one of the best spots. We were lucky, thanks to our dear friends Roger and Linda, to see their whole show once when my Mum came to Connecticut for Christmas.

All the Broadway shows get great coverage and the one that really stood out today is Tina Turners life story called what else but TINA! What a woman she is. Hard to imagine she turned 80 on Tuesday! Certainly this show is no Turkey!

Blessing # 529 – Simply the BEST!

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