BOOM – 26 Sleeps


We all had a good lie in this morning. They say turkey is soporific. Maybe that’s the reason or maybe it was what it was washed down with!

Black Friday is big business here. Years ago I’d have been up and out to get a load of bargains but all that rushing and pushing lost it luster.


Instead it’s the day to put up the tree and deck the halls. Seems we’re not alone her majesty did hers today too!

Aaron promised to help me get the tree put together as it drives me nuts. He was good to his word and got up and did it without any prodding while Scooby and I were out for our morning constitutional.


Scooby got in on the act of decorating and found himself a cosy spot on the hearth to snuggle. He was soon displaced by snowmen!

We were a bit concerned he’d have a go at the tree or some of the baubles but so far he’s been good as gold.

Krishna and Aaron took off shopping leaving me to handle the final touches.

Sure they would be away for hours and looking forward to a wee bit of time alone I was curled up with a big pot of tea watching Love Actually when they arrived back. Seems those offers were just not worth having we can only hope Santa snagged some for us instead.

Blessing #530 –  Santa’s All Around Us and So the Feeling Grows!

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