BOOM – 24 Sleeps


We went to the local Indian store today to stock up on supplies and snacks for the party season.

The smell of the shop is phenomenal. If you close your eyes you can imagine yourself in Mumbai. It’s a mix of spices and herbs and essential oils all topped off with some incense.


It’s a great place to find foods suitable for vegetarian and vegan friends provided they’re partial to a little pepper!

I love watching the customers shop. Often you’ll see young men on their phones clearly taking directions from their wives or mothers on what to buy. There will be families too with little kids looking at the cookies and Mom and Dad at the traditional sweets.


Its always a good idea to check what the more mature ladies are buying. They can point you in the right direction for the best quality in the produce aisles. Today chilis and limes looked lovely all bright and shiny and a must have. You can’t have enough of them for the margarita magic moments!

What took my eye though were the white turnips. They were absolute perfection. Krishna and Aaron can be bothered with them but I wasn’t home fifteen minutes till one was peeled, boiled and scoffed with nothing more than a bit of butter!

Blessing # 532 – Light Lunch

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