BOOM – 14 Sleeps

Today has been very productive all thanks to lessons learned earlier in the week.

Our Lily Circle star baker Kathy gave us a master class on Monday night on the art of icing sugar cookies. People come from far and wide to buy her cookies at our sale. Her Santa’s in particular are works of art.

We didn’t get to those this year but we did learn lots and once started it wasn’t as hard as it first seemed.

So today armed with knowledge and lots of melted chocolate since I didn’t dare try icing I got to work in eight dozen cookies for the sale.

Such was the progress, only four broken, that I swung on into six dozen more for our party on Sunday.

Scooby took up a seat to watch the action and was so good he got one made specially for him.


These are far from perfect and I know most of you could do much better but since they are so my best to date I’m happy.


I know also that Patricia who gave me a book and kit on Christmas cookies maybe a decade ago will be delighted les petites anges était à côté de moi!

Blessing # 542 – Star Baker (😂!)

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