BOOM – 12 Sleeps


The winter brings its challenges. It also has some very good points.

We get together with old friends at Christmas festivities that we haven’t seen from the previous year.

Krishna and I did this today at our company’s annual breakfast for retirees. This has been going strong for 34 years and it’s always a joy to see those we worked with and catch up on their ever expanding families.


At the breakfast we met our friend Sandy whom we are often in touch with. He is a great photographer and it is his photo that I am using to share a joy that Scooby and I have had these winter mornings.

With the leaves gone from the trees we see the birds so clearly. One little fellow a Cardinal always seems to be in the same tree about the same time each day. He is so vibrant and Scooby pays him hommage with a paw lift!


At dusk it’s a different story. We meet the deer. Last night a four pointer came so close not just Scooby but I could smell it. Talk about gamy it was tank! Just wonder was it the same young buck who passed through our yard last year!

We also have happenings underground that are most apparent before dawn. When we step out with the frost in the ground we hit on soft spots and these spell moles.


The critters are wrecking havoc with our lawn but here’s the good news they are moving outwards. That Scooby is one hot hunter.

Blessing # 544 – Nature Moving

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