BOOM – 11 Sleeps


This morning we had our Kairos advisory council meeting. The council is comprised of sixteen volunteers including Pastor Sharon who always gives us a short devotional. Sharon spoke this morning about joy.

Did you know there are five types of joy? They include singing joy and dancing joy.

After lunch we moved to the prison where we met other volunteers and then went inside to meet our Kairos graduate.

We see them once each month at our reunions but the one before Christmas is always special because we have lots of Carols and traditional Christmas songs.

All the volunteers wear festive gear. Today I had my special earrings on that my friend who is also a volunteer had given me last year.

There is a lot of the singing and dancing type of joy that goes on and today unbeknownst to Sharon the music lead had chosen Ode to Joy as the music for one of the songs.

There is always much joy, and this of the everlasting kind, when we meet our graduates for the last time because this means they are going home.

Today we hugged and shed a few tears of joy as we said goodbye to several people.


They all have touched our hearts and we feel so near and dear to them but we know we won’t see them again. They are going to be free.

Blessing # 545 – Flying Away

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