BOOM – 10 Sleeps


We have had a great time today with our dear friends. Scooby was absolutely adorable. He tried to sneak a few nibbles on the table but sure it’s Christmas.

There is nothing better than a house full of people you care for who come from different parts of your life.

The theme for the party, for those who like to dress up, was Stars and Angels. That could be twinkling stars or those with marks on the Hollywood hall of fame. Angels could be good or fallen.


Can you guess who Krishna is?


What about me?

HINT we are Stars we’re no angels!


We had some great costumes the best Angel was Jackie the best Star was Donny as Freddie Mercury complete with teeth and the overall best in class was the fallen angel Barb.

Now we are tired but thanks to Sandy we have some great pics. More will come but we must put the feet up!

Blessing # 546 –  Togetherness

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