BOOM – 4 Sleeps


After a busy day of shopping last night was time to put the feet up and do a bit of festive viewing.

We are working our way through our best of British DVD. It’s got all the Christmas specials and last night we watched Lark Rise to Candleford.


Now as you do when there is a good ghost story going we cracked into a big box of chocolates.

Full of expectation that these were going to be fabulous we took our first bites. They were good so we went for the second. It looked different but trust me with eyes closed it tasted the same.


Maybe a fluke! So on to number three. The same thing. Different look same taste! Number four allowed the conclusion to be drawn that this was not what we’d expected.

Its rare that Aldi disappoints and they are good chocs they are just not to die for as we’d hope.


Only consolation is that being so similar there wasn’t the incentive to keep on munching.

Blessing # 552 – Calorie Control

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