BOOM – 3 Sleeps


The solstice came late last night and just as we officially entered winter the thermometer soared.

We woke this morning to a gentle frost but it felt warm compared to the past week. By the time Scooby and I went for our morning walk the frost had gone and for our afternoon outing it was positively balmy with bright blue skies.

There are lots of great programs on PBS today including Lucy Worsley the British historian taking us on a trip back in time to the origin of all the Christmas Carols. Some are closely tied to the solstice and even predate the birth of Jesus.

This was followed by another program on the pivotal role Jewish composers have played in the development of popular Christmas music.

One of the most recent and beautiful of these is Gloria Shayne Bakers “Do you hear what I hear?” Gloria grew up next door to President Kennedy and it was during the Cuban missile crisis that she composed this plea for peace that depicts the birth of Jesus from the perspective of a humble shepherd boy.


So with the fourth light of advent lit and the start of Hanukkah today it’s a special time to hunker down and enjoy being cosy at home with plenty of good Christmas tunes to make us merry and bright!

Blessing # 553 – Songs for Singing

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