BOOM – 2 Sleeps


As soon as we reach Northern Ireland we always tune into our favorite local radio station U105.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet we can now listen to the station live here in Ohio. It’s rare that we do this but Christmas is different. The humor is the BEST!


So his morning while having a good soak after our constitutional I tuned into the Carolyn Stewart show. She’s a really great DJ very down to earth, has a wonderful local accent and is such fun!

Carolyn was playing requests and some were coming in from abroad so I decided to give it a go and sure enough the message was no sooner sent to wish my besties all the best than it was read! Amazing!! Even better one of them Phyllis sent me a WHATsApp to say she’d heard it!

There are so many things now that allow us to keep in touch through the internet like live chat with friends and family. It’s unbelievable how fast things have advanced.

Yesterday when I woke up Aaron had activated all the upgrades for the programs on my phone. This was long overdue and one thing it prompted was an app on Facebook to help make your own emoji.

It was really fun to do a bit like a photofit picture or Mr. Potato Head if you prefer. With lots of options the outcome was quite a good likeness.

Of course once available you have to use your emoji don’t you think? So this morning when my friend sent a text I replied with an emoji. To which Barb replied with hers!


What would our parents have made of this? My Mum would have loved the video chats but the emoji   not so sure. Just mind blowing!

Blessing #554 – Instant Messaging

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