BOOM – 1 Sleep

We are just back from Church. Here we go to the 6:00 pm youth led service as Aaron ushers.


In Ireland we always went to the 11:00 pm service so with the time difference we are perfectly coordinated. This beautiful photo of Holy Trinity Ballylesson was taken last week by Glenn Jamison and shows just how very special this lovely country Parish is. It brings us close to all our loved ones especially those at rest there.

Young Scooby has been allowed to break into his stocking already. He is making short work of yet another indestructible. Today it hit home who he resembles. We know he is part Wheaten Terrier now we understand why he chews so well.

This advent has been fun with Scooby and with lots of get togethers and merry making. A few simple things also stand out.

The flowering of the Christmas cactus. How can one tiny plant have such a spectacular bloom.

Finding by chance a new way to display the Christmas cards on the stair rail and wondering why we’d never done this before. Each card is a special part of the festive joy.

Lastly the beauty of the skies. A gift that keeps on giving be it dawn or as this photo from last night shows at the setting of the sun.

So with the last sleep upon us what remains but to say merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Oh and one last thing ……….


Blessing # 555 – Night and Light


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