BOOM – First Day

It was like an Irish summer day here. When we went for our walk this afternoon Aaron was in shorts as usual but someone went one step further. We met a jogger running bare chested.


Santa came. He delivered some good British chocolates and our favorite biscuits so we can nosh down on those later. All gifts went down well except my present to Dad that didn’t fit. Thank goodness Santa didn’t bring them!

For our dinner we had a big ham at Aaron’s request. We made our pavlova wreath and it turned out OK. Hardly a Mary Berry but fine for family. We even made custard from scratch for our plum pudding. It’s a first and looks good  but we haven’t tasted that yet as we are stuffed.

After the Sound if Music is over we’re watching Scooby Doo the Movie and then we’ll have to get in a good snooze before the evening viewing starts. Gotta make these twelve days last as long possible.

Blessing # 556 – Fuss Free Fun


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