BOOM – Second Day

As expected the consumption of the Christmas pudding was quickly followed by a comatose state. Like magic though I stirred just in time to watch Call The Midwife Christmas Special at 9:00 pm.

It was an enjoyable tale of the nurses going to the outer Hebrides even if a bit far fetched.

All their packing up and moving their business North got us in the mood for our efforts today.

The Antique Mall where our little booth is based is finalizing the move from one building to another. The distance between the two locations is less than a quarter of a mile but involves crossing two main junctions.

Many dealers already relocated before Christmas but those of us going into the back room had to wait till the renovations in the new mall were complete. We were so lucky and couldn’t have had a better day for the move it was glorious if a little windy at times.



As Aaron wasn’t working till 5:00 pm he helped so much. There were many nick knacks to pack up that I could manage but it was the two big bookcases used as shelving that was the biggest challenge.

There is no way I could have moved them myself and they are far to big to get into the car but with the great weather Aaron managed to haul them through the streets like a super hero.


Did you know that the origin of BOXING Day has nothing to do with sport? It’s all about giving and receiving gifts also known as Christmas Boxes. Well we sure boxed a lot today and man did we get our steps in too 15000 at last count without breaking a thing!

Blessing # 557 – Safe Deliveries

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