BOOM – Third Day

55C4FD7E-7365-4AEB-A921-3C5C99A53FAA.jpegWith Aaron’s new job at Panera there are a few end of day treats that find their way home to become temptations for parents in the morning.

Must say the chocolate croissants slip down very easily with a fresh brew!

Aaron has taught Scooby to sit up at table and he’d take anything that’s going. Fortunately mothers wisdom has prevailed and he is not allowed even a single crumb.

Fortified, it was time to stack the shelves at the new store and bring out some very special inventory that had been waiting for months in our garage. This is a donation for our Kairos prison ministry from my friend Mary’s sister and it’s absolutely beautiful Blue Danube china and blue glass too!

If you know any collectors spread the word there’s enough here to hold much more than three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree!

Blessing # 558 – Dishes

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