BOOM – Fourth Day

The day didn’t get off to an auspicious start. The yard was like a ploughed field so Scooby walked in a ton of muck that he managed to spread over the tiles and carpet like greased lightening. He then proceeded to choke and puke up over the sofa. Fortunately he hadn’t eaten his breakfast so it wasn’t a big deal to clean. 

For a third day in a row work beckoned. This time to place all the glass we’d bought back in spring when we thought we’d open a guest house.

By the time all the pricing was done for this and the Blue Danube I was punctured. It was past four by the time it was all finished.

Great then to have a treat in store our end of year family outing to the club. It’s such a lovely place. I’m here ever day for gym and Aaron comes sometimes too but Krishna only makes it to eat.

The decor at this time of year is so beautiful. It’s the sort of clutter free streamline stuff I dream off. If only I could resist the temptation to stick another elf on the shelf!

Blessing # 559 – Rewards

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