BOOM – Fifth Day

There are rivers running down our streets. It has been raining heavy and non stop since last night. Of course a certain person still needs the odd outing so we have been drenched several times already today.

What to do? Return the presents that didn’t fit or you had already of course. All three humans took to the store and we all searched for things we liked as replacements.

We were leaving totally empty handed when we found by the exit the one and only OUD candle in the store! A Happy Mummy. Good for masking wet dog on wool too!


So now Aaron is on his war games, Dad is trying to sleep and I’m binge watching some good old British TV.

The series Escape to the Chateau follows the exploits of the Strawbridge family who buy a huge castle in the Loire valley for next to nothing and take on all the renovations themselves. It’s helps that Dick the Dad is and engineer and Angel the Mum is a designer but it’s the stuff of dreams.

Pity they aren’t close by maybe could interest them in some fine bone china and crystal for all those weddings they hope to host.

# 560 – Sunday Slumbers

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