BOOM – Sixth Day

A mega wind of change is blowing here. We have gusts up to seventy miles an hour. Wonder what this new decade will bring. 2020 sure sounds good doesn’t it!

The last time a double numbers thing like this happened was 1919 and my how times have changed since then. Funny New Year also fell on a Wednesday back then!

Like many expats we enjoy being connected with the homeland and today social media helps so much.

We can read the Times of India and The Belfast Telegraph online every day if we choose.


Today the headlines in the Tele as we locals call it was about the release of state papers under the thirty year secrecy rule. Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister back then and it was the height of civil unrest in the province. Those days are thankfully long gone with so much change for good.

This afternoon when Aaron left for work it was too early for dinner so I decided to watch Philadelphia one of the on demand movies.

Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Antonio Banderas all looked so young and the technology you see in the movie like cameras, computers and cell phones all look so primitive.

Its the medical and social progress though that’s remarkable and encouraging. Back when the movie was made those suffering HIV and AIDS had a life sentence and were often treated in a terrible way.

It pays sometimes to look back.

Rejoice in the progress that has occurred but reflect also on areas where strife and injustice still exists and commit to do something about it.

Blessing # 561 – Replays

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