BOOM -Seventh Day

Some people love New Years Eve others can’t stand it. It’s not a favorite day of mine.


The last time I got excited about it was the millennium. Maybe my Mother’s dislike of the event rubbed off on me. She abhorred the song Auld Lang Syne that is always sung at midnight.


Its one of those days when you’re forced to look back and there is an expectation that there should be lots of merriment. One thing I regret is not going to Times Square when we lived so close to NYNY.


We’ve gone to lots of fun parties on New Years Eve, hosted a few ourselves too but invariably these resulted in a not so good feeling the next morning.

It will sound so boring but now I much prefer a good movie at home and hardly ever stay up till midnight.

One thing I’ve always thought of doing is going to somewhere warm for New Year but have never got round to it.


You see people like the Middletons on beaches in the Caribbean and it looks so appealing.

You can imagine having a nice lie on the beach or at the pool then a good late lunch and a nap to set you up for a partying. The next day maybe a spa session and then back to the beach.


But then there’d be no little wet nose to give you a warm kiss first thing in the morning or take you for a good walk so it wouldn’t be such a great start to the year at all.

Blesssing # 563 – Party Pooping

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