BOOM – Eighth Day

Scooby and I were up at six as usual and had a lovely little quiet time to ourselves to start the year.


We went for a long walk and only met a few other dogs and their walkers. Until that is we happened on a herd of deer. We’d like to think they may be Santa’s trusty helpers taking a well deserved break after their recent labors. They chewed away nonchalantly until we got very close then all eight up tails and took off.


When we came home the boys were still asleep so Scooby decided he hadn’t had enough exercise and that he’d play and do stairs!

While he amused himself it was time to watched my favorites Hoda and Jenna covering all things NEW from style to healthier food choices and of course resolutions.

Mine is that I’m going to cut my screen time in half. That will mean a fair bit of free time.

Today my plan was to use it to make candles and cake neither of which went without incident.

After an hour of wax melting in the microwave my trusty little Pyrex jug exploded. Poor thing gave good service but left a mess to clean up. The microwave did need a rub down though.

With candle making now at a standstill it was time to bake. Our lovely neighbors Karen and Mike had given us a whole collection of homemade jams at Christmas. The strawberry one seems just perfect to make a Swiss Roll. A first for me

All went well except we got a bit more of a rise in the sponge than anticipated and so we have more a  Swiss Loaf or Lump than a Roll. Not to worry we’ll eat it anyway.

On yet another little trot to get in our 10000 steps all we saw was a hawk. Scooby is now out for the count so it’s a good time to have a snooze while the dinners doing.

Hope your day was good I’ll be checking up on you with a little vino later!

Blessing # 564 – A Good Start

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