BOOM – Ninth Day

It’s hard to believe but those of us born in the 1960s have lived in seven decades, two centuries and even two millennia.

There is always much anticipation about the record that will be top of the charts on such occasions.

The current number one hit in the UK is River by Ellie Goulding. I know and love it because we dance to it in ZUMBA. Funny though that numbers 2, 3 and 4 are all great hits from the past!

Oldies are the best!

Well maybe not always!

If you look back to what the number one was at each turn of decade there is a very mixed bag.

For 1970 there was the horrendous two little boys by the equally horrendous Rolf Harris.

1980 it was The Pretenders with Brass in Pocket. What a song that was. Oh disco where are you?

1990 was a remake of Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid II. Worthy but not a match for the original.


The BIG one for the millenium was the Westlife version of Seasons in the Sun! Good song and a good cover but I couldn’t remember what it was even though it was such a big deal!

Finally, for 2010 it was so memorable I had never even heard of it! A ditty Called The Climb!

During this same period we’ve seen the rise and fall of the cassette tap and the CD. Now it would seem the vinyl of us boomers hay day is making a return and CDs are on the way out.

Everyone is downloading what they need to their phones for day to day use but the music connoisseur wants something to touch too. What could be better than an album. All that art work, all those details on lyrics too and it would seem a very special sound.

One if the dealers at our antique store has an extensive selection of classic albums and seems to do well with lots of loyal customers.

So friends if you still have your 33s or even your 45s hold onto them they could be a nice little earner!

Blessing # 565 – Back to the Future

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