BOOM – Tenth Day

Today we had the grand opening of our new antique mall. Everyone had worked so hard to get their booths ready for today and everything look lovely.

The weather wasn’t very cooperative as it poured all day. Nonetheless there was a steady stream of shoppers and everyone was saying how much better the new mall looked than where we’d been before.

It was a good chance to take a walk around all the other booths too. There is an absolutely eclectic mix of magic. To put that concept to the test I thought of myself as a shopper and what I’d buy for my besties.


Up first Miss Carol would get elephants because she hasn’t got nearly enough of those!


For Lorraine with the lovely little head, unlike mine which is huge, there is a beautiful little 1940s hat. Perfect for a winter wedding.

For Lesley, a lover of fine jewels, it had to be the pearls.


For Phyllis since she is such a girlie girl the pink tea set.


For Patricia the very fine crystal glass that looks like it came from Versailles. It would be perfect for an Epesses that wonderful white wine that you find only in Switzerland that she doesn’t like but she buys for us.

For Mary the birdies as she is amorous of all that is avian.

For Sandra the 1950s style chair that fits well with her Remember When business and I’m sure she’d like the snowman too.

For Nilima it has to be those unique tea cups. We’ll have a good cup of Indian Chai please!


For Tjin what else but another designer handbag!

Finally for Davy Crockett aka Miss Laura it has to be the raccoon.

Oh and for me my absolute favorite thing in the whole mall is my own little blue piggy that is still looking for a forever home!
Blessing # 566 – Something for Everyone

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