BOOM – Eleventh Day

If you follow British tradition you need to have your decorations down before twelfth night. Seems the idea dates from the druids and the belief that spirits live in the holly and ivy and need to be released from the home back into the forest before they get naughty!

So today they were liberated! It took quite a long time as each year more decorations accumulate. They must multiple during their hibernation in the garage.

To lighten the mood, as this job makes a body a tad sad,  Solid Gold Oldies was called on. Ironically they were playing Turn Turn Turn!

Panic set in half way through the process. Two very big boxes were already filled with baubles and snowmen. Where on earth were we going to put the rest?


When the tree was dismantled and ready to be packed away there was a huge sigh of relief. Two more storage boxes had been tucked into the tree box and forgotten about.


Wonder did Mrs Robinson forget things too?

So now we are all set inside for Chinese New Year on January 25.


It’s so good to have a reason to keep the party going

Blessing 567Seeing Red!

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