BOOM – Twelfth Day

This morning thanks to the wonderful WHATsApp I talked to two of my sister in laws in Indian. Hema who lives in the USA is visiting Hamsa. Just a short chat got the day off to a good start!

The weather was perfect for taking down the outside lights, bright, sunny and calm.

Scooby was my in the yard helping me when his big buddy Enzo arrived out for a walk with his Dad.

Enzo is about the size of a small pony he’s a Leonberger and they see each other twice a day. We decided to let them have a little romp around the yard together and they had some fun.

While we were busy Dad made a great early dinner for us as Aaron is working 5-10.

So now that’s all done and dusted we’ve hunkered down to watch for the umteenth time the epic Gandhi.

The flavors of Christmas are over but there is always some spice to count on in this household and a still a few flowers too. Let’s hope they’ll  still be going strong next time the tree goes up

Blessing # 568 – Still Blooming

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