BOOM – Dogslife 1

A lot of the day evolves around a certain fluff ball so for a few weeks we’ll look at life from Scooby’s perspective.

His absolute favorite thing is walking. He’s ready to roll anytime of day or night. Never miss a chance to go places. 

Generally this is done at a great pace that gets the heart racing but there is an occasional need to stop and sniff. Must mix the muscle groups!

Ideally if the walk can be enjoyed with a pal it’s more fun but if you can’t be with one of your own you can chase a squirrel or a bike. Just interact!


There is so much to do outside it’s hard to understand why humans spend so much time indoors. Maybe it’s because they don’t have that great fur coat. Wrap up and get going!

The smells are so fantastic especially the closer you can get to drains. Just breathe it in it’s a real brain teaser trying to decipher whose down there. Use your nose.

Its also a good idea to make sure your presence felt. Leaving those calling cards on the mail boxes will get you noticed. Drop a little hello often. Stay in touch.

Blessing # 569 – Tips from Toes


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