BOOM- Dogslife 2

If you are to be ready to walk at anytime you must be well rested.

Scooby’s so skilled at sleeping soundly.

He snuggles into bed between Krishna and me and never says a word till morning. Occasionally he’ll move a bit to the foot of the bed or up to the top of the pillows but he does so very discreetly you don’t notice. He has the talent to behave like a warm Teddy Bear.

When morning comes he gets up quietly with me and after a quick nip outside wakes up Aaron. While Aaron takes his shower Scooby snuggles into his warm bed. Never miss a chance for forty winks. 

The pattern continues throughout the day. There can be a nap after a morning walk or after the afternoon outing. Any soft spot will do to rest your head.

Never ever ever though does sleep happen in the evening. It’s essential to keep moving then. Play ball, torture your humans as they try to banter or play war games. Make sure that you go to bed tired and ready to sleep.

Just put the blinkers on and chill.

Blessing # 570 – Sleeping Dog

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