BOOM – Dogslife 3

A very important role of any canine companion is to protect their humans.

Anthropologists would tell you this is why the bond between the wolf and primitive man became so strong. Of course all good relationships are reciprocal.


Scooby was as quiet as a mouse when we got him but now he is a true defender of the home. Even with eyes closed he always seems to be vigilant to the unusual.

One of his favorite spots to sit is upstairs where he can survey all the doors and all that’s going on. Sense a scene in silence.

He also loves to ride shotgun when we go out in the car and will bark at people on foot who gets close. When out walking though he is fine with people and dogs moving at a steady walking pace. Once something is moving faster though like a jogger or a biker or ever a fast moving critter he’ll make his presence felt. He seems to see and appreciate differences.

Not only does he look like a little wolf he takes very good care of his pack and we are grateful.

Blessing # 571 – Lord Protector

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