BOOM – Book Love 2


Bit late on the banter as it was dealers night at the mall. We go in after hours to update our booths, reorganize and dust our treasures.

This has been a great experience for me. Getting to know a new set of people. Everyone is helpful and encouraging and there’s so much to learn about the business.

The mall is in Delaware Ohio the county seat and home of one of the country’s presidents Rutherford Hayes. It was established in 1808 so the city has a lot of character.

Its hard to imagine though that the first house wasn’t even built when Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice. It was no more than a village when the novel was published in 1811!

This is the book I’ve read most often. The first time was as a sixteen year old at school. It was part of our O-Level syllabus and man am I glad it was!

Unlike the complexity of the Forsyte Saga it’s possible to get to grips with every character in Pride and Prejudice. The one that is written forever into my heart is Lizzie Bennett. 

For sure there are many of you who can relate. Lizzie was and is an inspiration. One of the best loved ladies in literature and portrayed by multiple stars of stage and screen!

She had spunk. Somewhat unconventional for her day she was willing to stand up for herself and her sisters.

Was Jane Austen like Lizzie? It’s seems she may well have been. She turned down a proposal, she travelled, she was stubborn and she dared to dream!

Way to go girls!

Blessing # 577 – Hopes of Heroines

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