BOOM – Book Love 3

This morning the school district called us at 5:15 to announce that school was running on a two hour delay due to “inclement” weather. What this might be we decided would be a surprise as we turned off the alarm and went back to sleep!

Turned out it was fog of Dickensian proportions. Scooby was totally perplexed as we couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of us. Very spooky but a good prod on the book for today.

I haven’t read all of Dickens novels but by far the favorite among those I know is David Copperfield. Seems it was also Dickens “favorite  child”.

David himself is someone I could take or leave. He’s a bit flaky. The supporting characters though are adorable. Barkis and Peggotty and the Micawbers are wonderful and when it comes to admirable women who could ever forget Betsy Trotwood.

Her honesty in making her desire for a niece rather than a nephew so clear on the night of David’s birth, her willingness to speak up and stand up to David’s horrible stepfather and of course her tenderness and kindness not just to David but also to the adorable Mr Dick.

Certainly Dickens must have encountered someone equally gracious in his lifetime in order to develop such a beautiful person.

He also must have had some run ins with hateful people like the obnoxious Uriah Heep. The things that Dickens engraved on my heart with this creep were the virtues of the Betsys in this world and to be beware of false modesty and finally that wonderful word we hardly ever used obsequious!

Blessing # 578 – Sincerity

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