BOOM – Book Love 4

This morning our nephew’s wife posted a beautiful new photo of their little girl as they are celebrating Pongal the Indian harvest festival.

Just to explain a little how mind works this picture got me thinking of cute little girls in literature and the first one that came to mind was Eppie from Silas Marner.

Eppie whose real name was Hephzibah transformed the life of poor old Silas.

Silas had had a rough time and one that might have made others bitter but all he did was withdraw.

He’d been falsely accused of robbery, forced to move from his home and then later, after much hard work as a weaver, had been robbed himself of everything he’d saved.

While all this was taking place Eppie’s Mum an abandoned opium addict was trying to find her estranged husband and alas died in the process leaving poor little Eppie only two years old lost and alone on a winters night.

Eppie finds Silas and in a sense they rescue each other. He has no knowledge of little children but soon grows so attached to Eppie and she to him that they cannot live without each other.

There’s a lot more intrigue but in the end Eppie sticks with Silas and they all live happily ever after.

This is the only novel by George Elliot that I’ve ever read. That too was a very long time ago probably 1975 but just see how a good book can stick. Silas and his willingness to forgive and to love stuck with me. Even today, forty five years on seeing one sweet girl brought back memories of another.

This but of mental exercise has also given me a nudge in the right direction for this summers reading. The classic will have to be Middlemarch. Maybe I should start at spring break!

Blessing # 579 – Little Loves

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