BOOM – Book Love 5

Each morning when we get up Scooby and I have taken to having a little cuddle before we head out. It gets the day off to such a good start. Only takes a minute but leaves us both smiling.

As we’re looking for book characters written on our hearts the question was obvious “which dog would that be?”

There aren’t that many to choose from when you think about it. In the classics there is Bill Sike’s Bulls Eye in Oliver Twist, Mr Rochester’s Pilot in Jane Eyre and all those poor creatures in Wuthering Heights.

In more recent times we also have Marly and Me and Lady and the Tramp in which our Scooby could easily Star! Maybe you have others if so do tell.

My favorite by far though and the one that immediately sprung to mind is Tricki Woo the beloved Pekingese of Mrs Pumphrey in All Creatures Great and Small.

Just as I am besotted with Scooby so Mrs Pumphrey was with her dear Tricki. I’d hazard a guess they had a sneaky little snuggle too each morning. He certainly was a very pampered pooch.

James Herriott wrote many tales of wonderful dogs and one little book that is treasured in our home is a compilation of many of these stories. It lives in our guest bedroom to be enjoyed by visitors missing their own little wet nose.

Wonder does the Queen cuddle her dorgis’ Vulcan and Candy. She certainly needs all the love she can get right now. So my recommendation is go for it your Maj and come visit anytime.

Blessing # 580 – Morning Kiss

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