BOOM- Book Love 6

Today I abandoned my Zumba pals for a good cause. Freezing rain. It is absolutely the worst thing about Ohio winters. Horrific to drive in as the rain turns to ice on contact with any surface; roads, trees, cars you name it.

As Scooby had to wait for his walk until the road thawed we got to grooming and I removed a small rabbit from his back before he escaped me.

Once the thaw came the rain became a torrent but we had to motor on. It was the first of our core team meetings for our next Kairos Weekend at the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

We met for lunch as ladies do before getting down to business. All of us are such different characters you could write a book about us.

Maybe we’d be like the Little Women currently hitting the silver screen. Or would it be the ladies of Lark Rise to Candleford?

If I had to choose though we’d be the Cranford crew.


The funny, loving and somewhat eccentric Gaskell gals.

Blessing # 581 – Sisters

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