BOOM- Book Love 7

Overnight the temperature plummeted and the wind picked up to a point that it turned us around when we weren’t a quarter mile from home.

Poor Scooby is desperate to get out and have some fun. He’s gazing beseechingly into my eyes but walks today will be 100 yard sprints.

All we can do is play ball and catch up on some good TV.

PBS has just started to run Sanditon a novel Jane Austen started but didn’t complete. I’d never heard of it but so far so good as stories go.

The bitter cold that’s so bad it hurts is something that you can imagine might have happened in one of the great Russian epics like Dr Shivargo or War and Peace but I haven’t read any of them so they are not written on my heart.

Instead it rekindled my love for my number one book The Good Earth. Can you imagine what it must be like to not just be freezing but starving too? How the people of China suffered during the great famines.

The courage of women like O-LAN makes you realize how very hard life must have been not so very long ago. Born a slave, sold to farmer Wang Lung to be his bride she lived it all with very few words.

Happiness and success were swiftly followed by great loss and rejection O-LAN bore it so well and will forever be a hero in my heart for her faithfulness and true love.

Blessing # 582 – Trusting Souls

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