BOOM – Book Love 8

Today as we honor the great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr we should maybe nibble on a little cheddar or gruyere as it’s also National Cheese Lovers Day.

We got a lovely lie in as Aaron is off school and there was a little snow overnight so everything was so bright when we surfaced.

The snow wasn’t deep but it was the sort that sparkles probably because it’s so cold the crystals remain intact.

Cheese and snow what else could come to mind but Switzerland and of course the sweet story of Heidi.


I’m pretty sure my Dad bought the book for me when I was still in primary school and I read it several times but that was so long ago. The innocence of the child and the love of the grandfather was definitely written on my heart. Would be well worth another read one of these days.


Thoughts of the lovely kind little girl playing around the alps made me feel so nostalgic for Switzerland. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world and the cheese isn’t bad either! Yet in all the years we lived there never once did we visit the area where Heidi is set. So there’s a plan that needs making with my Swiss pal Patricia!

Blessing # 583 – Girls of the Grison

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