BOOM – Book Love 9

Lunch today was an outing with girlfriends to a new Tex Mex restaurant called Chuys. It’s a chain started in Austin Texas in the 1980s but it has now expanded to more than 100 locations.

The decor is fun and the food is reasonably priced and good. The salsa was fresh and loaded with chilies perfect for me but not for the others so I ate the whole bowl. Might regret that tomorrow.

We have quite a collection of cook books and among them of course there are some on Mexican food. As we’re very partial to spicy stuff and with all the beans used too it’s a good place to look for dishes for our vegetarian friends and family.

I’m ashamed to say though that in spite of love for the food I haven’t read a single Mexican novel and only one set in Texas and that was The Ewing’s of Dallas!!!!!!

So now I feel spurred on to get started on Mexican literature and have hit on a book that sounds just up my street. Like Water for Chocolate como 
agua para chocolate.

Any other suggestions welcome

Blessing # 584 – Summer Menu

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