BOOM – Book Love 10


Last week nephew Krishna suggested that at some point Anne of Green Gables might feature in the Book Love Banter.

After Heidi, David Copperfield and Little Women it was one of the first novels I read and probably the first that I made an effort to go out and buy myself.

The tale of an orphan girl coming to live with an elderly brother and sister is both funny and heart warming.

The reason it is written on my heart though is not because of the book itself which is great but because of a wonderful BBC adaptation of the story and it’s sequels that ran from 1972-1974.

It ran on Sunday evenings and I can remember so well my bestie Carol and I watching it on our TV. We had a color one that many people didn’t at the time so we could see Anne’s beautiful red hair. Anne was played by Kim Braden and we loved her because she was both naughty and nice.

Carol was especially fond of her because she had more freckles than Carol! We were both in love with Gilbert Blythe 

So why did Anne of Green Gables get its well deserved mention today?

Well as Krishna husband and I were turning off the main road onto our street this afternoon I looked left a little earlier than usual. Through the leafless trees set high up on the bluff I saw something I never noticed in the ten years we’ve lived here.

Believe it or not it was an old cream colored farm house with what else but GREEN GABLES! Seek and ye shall find!

Blessing # 585 – Hidden Gems

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