BOOM – Book Love 12

The last dry weekend we had here was December 6. As if by clockwork when Friday rolls around it starts. Today it is doing the proverbial cats and dogs!

Wet weather’s played a part in great works of fiction. Some downpours had favorable outcomes not least the soaking of Jane Bennett that gave her the sniffles and got Mr Bingley all lovey dovey.


More often than not rain and storms have tragic implications. Thomas Hardy is quite the expert in that field don’t you think?

Bathsheba Everdene and Gabriel Oak working through that terrible tempest to cover the hay. Nothing too much for that two!

On the heart though it has to be the life of dear Fanny Robin. Imagine getting the chance to marry Sergeant Troy, climb out of poverty with the most handsome man in the world and then going to the WRONG CHURCH.

It was a wet weekend from there on in for poor Fanny even the flowers Troy placed on her grave were washed away!

She was so innocent and had loved him so deeply and don’t you suspect she knew he’d loved her too. It was a romance of epic proportions even some might say operatic.

Blessing # 587 – Labors of Love

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