BOOM – Ratty 6

This is our first Chinese New Year with Scooby. Born September 2018 he is appropriately a dog!!! Takes after his Dad!!!!!!

It’s such a joy to watch Scooby learn new things and see how quick he is to read what’s going on. We might be a bit biased but feel he is very smart indeed.

Before each walk he follows me to the place where his leash is kept and puts his paws up on the counter till the leash is clicked on his collar. He then puts it in his mouth and walks to the door till I get my coat on.

He hears or sees or smells things we don’t. For example, when his doggie friends walk by on the street he runs barking from one window to the next watching them to let them know he’s around.

When we go for walks if I say long walk he knows where to turn or if I say quick quickies he goes another way.

The sound of the pantry door opening of course brings an immediate response and as soon as Krishna puts his shoes on Scooby heads for his little kennel.


Today he gave us a good laugh. After a long walk, when we had finished our lunch the lad disappeared. He wasn’t by the window and he wasn’t in the hall which are his usually haunts. He’d taken himself for a snooze to bed.

Well how wise is that? Just couldn’t  resist the temptation to join him! He’d be so lost in that big bed all alone!

Blessing # 594 – Learning a Lesson

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