BOOM – Ratty 7


Have you seen these tests on Facebook where you plug in some detail about yourself like the month of your birth and in an instant they analyse you and tell you what a wonderful person you are. I love them. We all need to be told regularly what our good points are even if it’s a social media concoction.

Today for Chinese New Year Aaron got Scooby a new chew toy.

The one he got for Christmas had been shredded pretty good so let see how long this one last.

When Aaron does things like this I get all gooey about how kind he is. This usually last about an hour until he and I have a go at each other about something stupid like just now when I told him to tuck his pockets into his jeans and he took the huff with me!


Just as well we have Scooby to talk to and console us!!

Blessing # 595 – A Good Heart

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