BOOM – Ratty 8

Today bread was high on the agenda. It started rising yesterday!


Last night we had our annual chili dinner and did great business. We make enough chili to feed several hundred so we always have tubs to sell the next day at Church.

People like to have chili as they watch the super bowl that’s on right now. Well it’s half time! We had made lots of corn bread too so  anyone getting a tub of chili got bread for free today! We made over a $1000!

Last night when I was safely tucked up in bed sound asleep Aaron arrived home with another huge box of leftovers from work.

Normally these delicious goodies are picked up from Panera by Churches to distribute to food pantries but it’s seems there is a high no show rate on Saturday nights. Maybe because most food pantries aren’t open on Sunday.


Last Sunday I’d done a bit of research and found a homeless shelter for men in central Columbus that would accept the items. Not everyone will take them. So while Aaron was still fast asleep Krishna and I made a drop there last weekend on his behalf and went there again today.

The same manager was on duty today so I’m anticipating a new friendship may be in the making.


Hoping none of you are offended by what I’m about to say next but all I could think about today was Give Us Today Our Daily Bread.

We were giving bread to those supporting missions and we were bringing it to a mission itself and we still have a load of cinnamon buns stashed away in our fridge to keep us sweet for the week!

Blessing #596 – Gluten Networks

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