BOOM – Ratty 14


All those years ago when I lived in the UK I loved to watch the BAFTAs. This is the British equivalent of the Oscars and back then it covered television (T) as well as film (F).

So it was with delight I discovered that BBC America was broadcasting the event held last weekend on play back. YEAH perfect for Friday evening with a glass or two of sparkle.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were there looking like movie stars themselves.

The setting was magnificent it was after all at the spectacular Royal Albert Hall in London and the sweet and beautiful Renee Zellwegger won best actress.


Apart from this it was disappointing. Several people took digs at the Royals with references to Harry, Meghan and Prince Andrew leaving TRHs in attendance visibly cringing. It was pathetic, not at all funny and in some instances such as the display by Rebel Wilson downright mean.

The presenters all seemed to have difficulty reading the teleprompter which was funny and the hosts receiving the guests on the red carpet were downright weird. What were those green gloves about?

So as the first full moon of this Chinese Year shines let’s see if the stars do too at tomorrow’s Oscars.  Let’s hope that they will be in the business of building each other up with some kindness for their fellow men as well of course as the environment.

Blessing #602 – Second Takes

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