BOOM – Love 1

This morning sitting quietly with Scooby gazing hopefully at yet another Croissant au Chocolate it struck me how much we can learn about love from our dogs.

Since it’s the week of Valentines there couldn’t be a better time to talk about this most important  subject.

Dogs are so grateful for the smallest token of kindness even if it’s just a crumb. They give kisses every morning and each time you come home even if you’ve only been away a little while.

They never bear grudges even if you shout at them and keep you amused if you’re in a stinking mood. They’ll listen to anything!

They don’t care what you wear or how you look in fact they secretly like your socks if they’re smelly!

If you stay up late they’ll keep you company but are just as happy to go to bed early and no matter what time the alarm rings they’ll jump out of bed with you.

Today while doing a little Goodwill hunting I found a lovely little treasure that sums up very well these feelings.

Blessing # 603 – Four Paw Passion

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