BOOM – Love 2

We have just finished eating our dinner. It’s was one of our favorites a breakfast fry up! Its far from fancy fine food but we love it.

Each of us through trial and error come to know how we enjoy things best. Take the eggs we just ate as an example. You might be a sunny side up person, a poacher or a scrambler. We’re over easy people. You can have eggs many ways and any way but there is only one way you LOVE them.

The same is true of other simple things like a cup of tea. You’ll drink it out of paper, plastic, fine china or glass but you’ll only love it if it’s in your favorite mug with just enough milk and sugar at the perfect strength.


Imagine if there was only one variety of apple. Maybe that would make life easier but would you ever love it? Having a choice gives everything an element of desire. It’s awful though if you see something that looks like your favorite but doesn’t deliver as it should. That’s a real big and bitter disappointment.

Experience is a gift. You have to live with an electric fire before you fully appreciate the glory of a real coal blaze. Even if today there are attractive simulations nothing comes close to the real McCoy.


Maybe that’s why a little candle is so romantic it brings us back to that primeval flicker!

Blessing # 603 – Fanning Flames

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