BOOM – Love 3


Our Aaron is having a snooze  that’s how I managed to get a photo of his iPhone! It is usually attached to his finger with superglue.

He got his first one for his 15th birthday and I’ve lost track of how many upgrades we’ve had since then not to mention the number of cracked screens that have been repaired. This one has a well damaged screen but himself is now wise enough to understand that until it packs up completely there is no need to change it.

The phone has caused considerable tension and some bust ups within our family but Dad and I have, after much argument, resigned ourselves to the fact that today’s teenagers needs a smart phone like we need oxygen.

Phones have played an important role in romantic relationships since their inception but today’s phone has replaced entirely the art of letter writing and to a large extent the spoken word with the dreaded TEXT! 

Back in the day when I was a teenager our household didn’t have a phone. All my friends had phones and it was tough for me that we didn’t especially when a boy asked you out for a date. If you hadn’t a phone number to give him you were a lost cause!

So after much pressure my Mum caved in and agreed to get one. So significant was this step that I can tell you we got it mid July 1976! My Dad wasn’t in the least fussed whether we got one or not but Mum was. He gave her the housekeeping money ever Friday and she could do what she wanted with it. So it was up to her to fit the phone into the budget. Calls were paid by the minute back then so if you happened to talk for a little longer that the usual « OK I’ll see you at seven thirty at the bus stop »  a look that could kill came your way!


That phone was much loved not just by me but also by my Mum especially when I moved away from home. All it did was allow you to talk. It wasn’t digital and back then even when we called to make an appointment real people answered you and said hello. It wasn’t a numbers game.

Beside it sat my address book filled with friends names and numbers. It’s successor is still going to this day and sits beside the phone in our kitchen and yes it is still referred to now and then.


Our landline though is in jeopardy. Nearly all the calls we get on it are spam. That never happened back in the day a phone was an appliance of affection. Now, between endless holding music, prompts by robots and fake callers trying to scare the life out of you it is nothing short of an instrument of torture!

Blessing # 604 – Words of Love

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