BOOM – Love 4


Bit late on the Banter because a blizzard is happening in our area. It’s part of a major storm winging its way across the Midwest and hit here about three hours ago.

I was at the prison. That’s twenty two miles from home. It usually takes me about forty minutes to get back but tonight it took twice as long.

I absolutely love snow. Driving in a blizzard is not the best way to enjoy it but even that has a little edginess that makes the heart beat faster.

Theres always the challenge of which road to take the highway or the byway. Highways are unpredictable. The towns and rural roads are slower and steadier and that’s what I chose.

It was so bad at one point that I couldn’t see my landmark to turn onto one of the country roads. Maybe not such a bad thing though as it kept me on the straight not narrow!

Reaching your own little town sure is sweet and sweeter still is reaching your own place.

Now all we have to do is sit and bite our nails, wait and worry until the young man returns from work! My crystal ball tells me there may be a day off forecast in his future!

Blessing #605 – Lights of Home

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