BOOM – Love 5

We, or if truth be told I, have been looking for a house to flip for some time. We have made some offers but haven’t been successful so far!

That’s about to change! Today we went to view a mid century ranch on the outskirts of Delaware the city where the antique mall is located. It’s good to concentrate on one area don’t they say. There again they also say you shouldn’t put all the eggs in one basket.

When we viewed the house the interior looked sound enough. There is a lovely brick fireplace and the handles on the original kitchen cabinets are keepers even if the cabinets are goners.


Apart from some bulging of the wall in the basement that will need serious work the rest seemed cosmetic.

Of course the roof and yard were covered in snow. Taking a closer look at the photos of the house it would seem this was hiding a bit of history. Or is that horror!

Anyway the deed is done and the offer is made and so now I am half demented looking at home decor trends and home repair costs. There is nothing to beat dreaming about how beautiful something might look.


At times like these I become in my own head at least a design guru. We haven’t even lifted a pen to sign a check and I’m already seeing the for sale sign on this totally restored and renovated retreat!

HGTV will be inviting me to make a new series. Chip and Joanna Gains will have nothing on this. That’s just before a little voice enters my head and tells me “He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts! “

Doesn’t stop me loving the idea though that this will be a winner!

Blessing # 606 – Dreaming On

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