BOOM – Love 6


Hope you and your loved ones enjoyed Saint Valentines Day. We decided our little love knots were going to CORD this year.

You may never have heard of CORD. We hadn’t either until, we made friends on Facebook with our nephew Krishna, his wife Meera, their daughter Jyotsna and son in law Hari. Now we are in touch with them almost daily rather than once every few years!


Both Krishna and Meera are medics and Jyotsna and Hari are horticulturalist running a garden design business. Some years ago Dr Meera started the Siruvani branch of CORD in Coimbatore India. With help and support from her family she heads out into the villages to provide medical checks. Here’s just some of the things she did last quarter. There are so many you’ll have to zoom in for the details.

A certain Dr Krishna may well have run a few of those lab tests!

It’s vital and it’s impressive but her work doesn’t stop there. CORD has a great focus on women. There are classes on basic life skills, nutrition and hygiene. Better still there’s organic cottage gardening that you’d suspect a daughter and son in law may well be helping with!

There are also classes on establishing business ventures giving ladies the chance to learn new skills. That’s Dr Meera teaching in the blue sari. You can see her better in the main picture.

They transform the produce they grown into dishes and spice mixes and best of all beauty products!

It’s all so full of LOVE nothing could be better to share and support on a day like today. CORD!

Blessing # 607 – Saints Among Us

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