BOOM – Love 7

Today my friend Alison is on my mind. We were born hours apart but didn’t meet until we were sixteen. Surprisingly even though we lived just a few miles apart we had to wait until we went to Italy for a summer vacation for our first encounter.

Immediately we became firm friends and had many fun times together as young women celebrating our BIG 18th and 21st birthdays with joint parties.

Alison had a very bad car accident but fought a long and courageous battle back to health and went on to become a wonderful wife, mother and in the past few years a grandma too.

Alas this year she lost her life to cancer and is deeply missed by many especially her beautiful family.

She left a lasting impression on my life and I will be eternally grateful to have known her. She was beautiful inside and out with a wonderful smile. Alison was very gentle, softly spoken, funny, very kind, very thankful for everything and also very content.

I loved her and I know she loved me too so we will always have that very precious gift that never dies.

Blessing # 608 – Gracious Soul

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