BOOM – Love 8

What a lovely birthday. Started a few days ago with gifts and greetings arriving from the besties in Belfast.

This morning brought many good wishes on Facebook and cards and pressies from my men folk. I will be merry and bright after all this!

On our walk Scooby and I had snow on the grass to make it sparkle and saw two blue birds nesting that made me think my Mom and Dad were sending their good wishes too.

At Church more pressies from my friend Lori and a very special service.

It was one I’d never experienced before a Healing Service including anointing with holy oil. Very special for a big birthday ending with one of a favorite Hymn of Promise. Felt like God was also sending best wishes.

Back home a big Turkey was roasting away and along side it the works without work. Isn’t there a song that says I wish it could be Christmas everyday? Well it was today! It was all the quick and easy way to do it but it was yummy.


Now with a nice glass or two of red I’m settling in to watch the epic Gandhi for the upteenth time. If you snooze for a while you can always rewind! After all you’re given grace when you’re no longer a spring chicken!

Blessing # 609 – Happy Heart

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