BOOM – Love 9

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln we’re both born in February. George on the 22nd and Abe on the 12th. We celebrate their birthdays on the Monday that falls between their births dates which, like today, is very close to my own.

It’s the last holiday before spring and often is very cold. This year it seems spring is coming early. The grass didn’t loose its green this winter and already the birds are going crazy. The Canada geese are strutting their stuff like it’s May.


The deer too are feelingly frisky galloping around the yards. We had a dozen of them yesterday driving Scooby crazy.

The signs of spring are also popping up from the ground way ahead of their usual schedule. This, as my Dad was fond of saying “would do your heart good”


Lets just hope that the groundhog got it right and this early spring will fulfill its promises. No deep freeze please!

Blessing # 610 – Virtually Vernal

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