BOOM – Love 10

It’s such a good feeling when you go out hunting for something and find exactly what you need. It must be the caveman instinct that generates all those endorphins!

One of the shelves at my booth had a previous life as a baby’s changing table. It was discovered sitting out one day at the side of the road. Someone had obviously no further use of it so much to my dear husband’s embarrassment it was rescued from the pavement for alternative purposes.

After a lick of paint it didn’t look too bad but it’s not the most stable merchandiser and it takes up quite some space. It was replaced briefly by a little pine table that was picked up at a yard sale. That didn’t last long though as the table sold very quickly. So it was back to square one and the wobbly rack!


For some weeks now the goal of finding a more robust solution was on my mind so today between two appointments a little bit of Goodwill hunting proved fruitful and a solid little shelf was source.


So solid is it that it took ever muscle that could be mustered to get through the shop and into the car. Fortunately the lad isn’t working tonight so he helped me get it to our store.

It looks really good don’t you think and slightly more in keeping with my delightful collection!

Old faithful is now back in the garage serving its purpose of sorting platform for future stock. Now just wait and see you can be sure the new shelf will sell faster than you can say diaper change!

Blessing # 611 – Perfect Fit

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